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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I'M ENJOYING THE Simple THINGS IN LIFE,Good Food, Good Wine,laughters with FRIENDS AND FAMILY!!! Happy holidays ya'all!!!!!

ATTENTION !!Some allegations have surface,i just got a call confirming,that i appear in the Nigerian Press(News of the People.New edition)where they show a photo of ME &Timaya ,stipulating that I'm his New girlfriend,what a joke! I'd like to reassure you all,that Timaya and I ,are NOT Dating or Neither a Couple,I'm flattered but it ain't True.Sorry!!The last Time it was Ruggedman,now this! I wonder who's next, lol

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sexy christmas to you all from Miss k!!

Christmas Time is here again so here is a Card to send you lots of Love and wish you a really special time!!!!have fun, be happy, and don't forget to give a lil to the less privileged,Even if it's 1 £ or 1 $ or 10 Naira..just give from your heart.. fallow the link and give to my Favorite Charity (STAND UP FOR AFRICA) for which i am the International Ambassador....Everyone deserve a Christmas!!! Thank you
With love Miss k..............

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Just a Sneak Preview of the calendar!!!!

Miss-k Calendar 2010

I'm so so so Happy.Yooopiiiiiiiii..@ last,After
an Enormous Request, Miss k's Calendar 2010 is finally out..Miss-k couldn't
have done it without you guys,thanks for the Love and Support.♥♥♥ Thank
you,Thank you,Thanks also to Brian Would Photography for the HOT
pics.Available to Purchase NOW! Fallow the link below & get some
of the Hottest & Sexiest Pics Miss k has ever done!!!!Take a sneak
pic @ the preview===>

Well, My dear friend, being the 1st International Ambassador , for "STAND UP FOR AFRICA".......I am so honored and thankful that you are taking the time to visit my JustGiving page........ trying to Raise founds to Help the Kids of Africa!!!