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Saturday, October 23, 2010


Miss-k attended the ZAFFA award last night..which took place at the TROXY...

So many people turned up...


 Miss-k had to strut her stuff, yes she had to represent wearing famous Nigerian Designer Fee Usi..she also was given the opportunity to get interviewed by few different TV Channels, VOX AFRICA TV,OH TV, AFRICA ZONE TV,AUSTIN FASHION TV..and so many more..

She reports: 

"Well it was My first time attending the Zaffa Awards and i must admit i had great fun, it took me a minute to recognise few faces from the NOLLYWOOD MOVIES INDUSTRY .....

Miss-k and Proud of the Motherland CEO.. (Linda)

But i was over the moon as soon as i came across some of my fellows artists...I felt just at home..
Miss-k with her Good friend (Actor) WALE OJO

My highlight of the night was to be surrounded by so many brothers and sisters from different 

To view more pics of the night go to Miss-k's FACEBOOK PAGE..
of Africa..CAMEROON,SENEGAL,CONGO,NIGERIA,GHANA, the list goes on...all those countries coming together was just another way to "STAND UP FOR AFRIKA"...

To view more pics of the night go to Miss-k's FACEBOOK PAGE..

Glamorously yours, with love ...Miss k