Miss-K has gained a tremendous Milestone within the Industry
 and still strives to achieve much more.

She has appeared as a Brand Ambassador for several leading brands till date, 
and has regularly collaborated with high fashion labels which include: 
various apparel Fashion brands, Shoes & Jewelry brands, 
without forgetting a renowned African Telecommunication Company.

Collaborations are a now-common tactic for brands looking to generate hype and access new customers. Over the past decade, "influencer marketing" has become an $8 billion global industry, and Miss-K has gladly joined the wagon along the way.

More recently, during the summer of 2020, Miss-K has partnered with a Nigerian Energy drink brand titled : "9ija Energy" for an international campaign 
 to commemorate Nigeria's 60th Anniversary of Independence.

Previous to this, Miss-K once more made a few drop their jaws 
by announcing  in December 2018 new partnership with Luxurious French Fashion House Rosemari Avenard, who named her official "Brand Ambassador". 

Unlocking herself a 1 year deal with the brand, Miss-K campaigned the Rosemary Avenar Clothing Line, throughout 2019. She was contracted to model and showcase the brand's amazing apparel, and named their sole Creative Campaign Director to direct their 2019 campaign. Following the news, many pieces promptly got sold out 

 Miss-K wears T-Shirts by Rosmarie Avenard 

Rosemari Avenard a French Luxury Apparel Designer who previously worked for
 renowned fashion houses like Chanel and Louis Vuitton, 
was thrilled to be given the role to Miss-K.

Regarding her decision to taking Miss-K on board, 
the french luxurious fashion designer, brand heavyweight, Rosemari Avenard, 
who once also designed pieces for Beyonce and Angelina Jolie, mentioned:
"It's a new year,so in order to promote the brand Rosemari Avenard, 
I wanted to honor curvy women first and for this I chose "Miss-K",
who appealed to be,what i believe a woman should be: "Bold & Confident". 

Moreover  she is someone who doesn't just embraces her curves but celebrate them, she exudes positive energy and dares to be herself and thanks to her vision, 
who allows me to be really what I am and for that I thank her in advance."
and we are pleased to announce her as the face of the company for this year 2019.

In June 2019, The Rosemari Avenar Fashion House,
launched their New Fashion Campaign, for a luxurious "Scarves" collection 
which featured and was creatively directed by Miss-K.

Further in September 2019, Miss-K also took part in the Rosemari Avenard,
Spring Summer Winter Collection 2020  Fashion Show at London Fashion Week, 
for which Miss-K not only creatively directed but also styled.

2016 saw Miss-K conquering a new African country,
when she was contracted to fly off to Kampala,
 to shoot for another fashion campaign for Uganda's Fashion Giant: 
The "African Image Creators" destined for Magazine & Posters promo.  

Not only she Modeled for the campaign but additionally, she was offered a new deal with the same brand, to become their Brand Ambassador and Creative Director on set. 

See some shots below:

The brand which is set to become the go-to commercial platform for African fashion talents, which aims at becoming the first East-African E-commerce site of its kind, to showcase both established and emerging designers from across the African continent, by promoting their first apparel emerging from the "Black Creation Collections".

Miss-K quotes:"The "AFRICAN IMAGE CREATORS" is not just a brand but an entity which I support proudly and I'm very inspired by, 

for pushing the boundaries across the Afrocentric fashion community, 
by portraying the African Identity through their designs on Apparel."

In 2013, Miss-K was hired by the award-winning editor-in-chief of  Vogue. com,  
Mrs. Abigail Chisman, to become the Face of the  "Curve Collection", 
for the "Designer Jumble sales" pop-up shop, which took place 
during the London Fashion Week in February 2013. 

VOGUE .com Editor in Chief, A.Chisman with Miss-K
The photo Miss-k featured in were printed in several magazines and 
 Nationwide Newspaper in the UK such as Time Out Magazine,
 Evening Standard and also published online on  
and several online blogs in Africa.

Miss-K, also became the 1st face ever, to Fantasy Handmade Jewelry Company "PTB" 

back in April 2010 and earned a 1-year endorsement deal until April 2011, 
to celebrate their one year Anniversary.

Miss-K with PTB Designer
In 2008 Miss-K Became the first Afro-Caribbean face to ever Model for the 
African Brand MTN, one of the largest Telecommunication companies in Africa.

 The pictures in which she featured in were advertised all year long in 2009 on billboards, calendars, scratch cards, magazines, and press across Nigeria.

Subsequently, in 2007 Miss-K Became the face of a T-Shirt collection 
titled "Chubby Tings", specially designed to empower women with curves.
Additionally Miss-K partnered with the creator of the brand,
Jamaican Designer "Michael Lee"to develop her personal collection 
which was sold out in 2007.



Thus far,  Miss-K's Brand Ambassador/ Modelling Portfolio includes brands such as: 

  "9ja Energy Drink"- Campaign shot in 2020

Luxury Apparel Fashion House - Rosemari Avenard (UK/France) 

Campaign Shot throughout 2019 -

In addition to being their Fashion Brand Ambassador, Miss-K was also hired to be the Creative Director for each Promo Campaign she was featured in- 

- Product Promo - Galago - Shoe Line Collection (South Africa) 2017

-Fashion Campaign + Brand Ambassador + Creative Director 
African Image Creators (Uganda) 2016 

-Modelled For The Ajege Brand (Nigeria)

Created & Designed By 1 Of P-Square's Brother 

- Designer Jumble for Vogue Fashion Week (UK) 2013-2014
Brand Ambassador for curvy women- Fashion Model + Promo Campaign.

- Brand Ambassador - PTB Fantasy Jewellery Collection (UK) 2011-2012

-Promo Campaign - MTN Telecommunication (Nigerian) 2010-2011

-Fashion Campaign - Chubby Tingz (Jamaica) 2007-2008