Thursday, June 01, 2023

Miss-K Made Royal Guest to Ghanaian Kings & Queens, and Walks Procession at the New Mayor Inauguration, Dominic Mbang.

It was a Royal feast all around. In a well-attended ceremony that witnessed dignitaries from all walks of life, Kings and Queens, Politicians and Celebrities, which included: UK Ghanain Kings and Queens, Politicians, Mayors, and Afro-Caribbean & Latin Beauty, Multi-Award Winning Artist, Host, Supermodel, Brand Ambassador, and Public Speaker, popularly known as "Miss-K"  (who's full name is Miss Karina T. Martinez)who was once named 1 of 100 most influential women in the world back in 2018.

istory has been made again, celebrating the inauguration of Councillor Dominic Mbang who has become the 1st Ghanain Mayor, to ever be elected at the Royal Borough of Greenwich. 

Moreover, other selected guests who attended were Ghanaian Royalty including, Her Royal Highness Queen Nanahemaa Amonoo Gyamfuah Debrah Asantefuo Hemaa, UK 1 & Ireland, King Nana Adontehene, and King NII UK Manste, just to name a few, as the procession was led by Nigerian Prince Wole, The Maporure of Aheriland, Ondo State, to pay tribute to New elected Mayor, Dominic Mbang.

Miss-K (Pictured)
Indeed, Miss-K looked sizzling as she dazzled in a modernized Afro-centric-inspired Royal Navy blue attire that drew the eyes, to her well-known full-figured assets in all their shapely glory, all while maintaining a perfect balance between classy and sexy, as she walked the ceremonial procession, among Kings & Queens, showcasing her most elegant style this year so far, all while marking her arrival at the ceremony.

The golden beauty who was recently credited as 'dressing her curves to perfection' by the media after her latest outing when attending the Initiation of London's New Mayor & Mayoress, Dominic & Mary Mbang, was a Royal guest at the Event, as she accompanied Ghanaian Kings and Queens, and was inclusively invited to walk the procession with them.
Ghanaian Kings & Queens

Miss-K, said: “It was a great and incredible honor to have been selected as one of their Majesties Guests’, to walk the procession among them for this once-in-a-lifetime ceremonial service. What a show, so memorable, to attend a reception that amplified many goodwill Ambassadors of the community and certainly embraced diversity. 

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Thursday, March 31, 2022


Miss-K was made Guest of Honor, at the Commonwealth Head Quarters, to listen to Sir John Major deliver a keynote address, in honor of the late Archbishop Desmond Tutu, which was organized by the Desmond Tutu Foundation, in conjunction with the South African Embassy.

Miss-K is just reminded a few of the Queen that she is, as she seat gloriously on her throne, in one of the most luxurious and renowned rooms, of the British Kingdom, where Royals, World Leaders, and Dignitaries have debated meetings for centuries.

While there, she also had the privilege to introduce, as her Guest of Honor, Her Royal Highness Queen Mother of Ghana's Ashanti Tribe, H.R.H Nana Hemaa Amonoo Gyamfuah Debrah Asantefuo Nana Hemaa UK 1st to His Excellency, Former Prime Minister, Sir John Major, and Hon. Baroness Patricia Scotland.

Hon, Patricia Scotland,
Baroness Scotland of Asthal,
Secretary General of the Commonwealth

Miss-K with Ghanain Ashanti Queen, 
Her Royal Highness, Nana Hemaa Amonoo Gyamfuah Debrah Asantefuo Nana Hemaa UK 1st

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Monday, March 14, 2022

Miss-K attends Ghanaian 65th Independence day, as Royal Guest.

Yesterday, Miss-K was made a royal guest at the 65th Ghanaian Independence Day Celebration & Thanks Giving Memorial for the Covid-19 Victims, attending with Ghanaian Royals, which included, H.R.H Queen Nana Hemaa Amonoo Gyamfuah Debrah, Asantefuo Hemaa UK, The 1st.

Additionally, they were joined by other traditional rulers, which included
His Royal Highness King Nana Owusu Sekyere, Twafuorhene of UK,
and His Royal Highness King Nana Adontenhene ne adontenhen 1, UK The 1st.

Miss-K stated: "It was such a pleasure and ultimate honor to be a V.I.P guest to H.R.H Queen Nana Hemaa Amonoo Gyamfuah Debrah, Asantefuo Hemaa UK, The 1st from the Ashanti Region of Ghana, what a great day, events and atmosphere. I loved it."

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Saturday, March 12, 2022

Powerful Beauty K'onference 2, successfully Hosted by Miss-K

Miss-K successfully hosted the Powerful Beauty K'onference 2.

Watch Sneak insight of the summit here.


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Tuesday, March 08, 2022

Miss-K to Host Second Powerful Beauty K'onference.

In follow up to March 8th's International Women's Day..
Here is a sneak preview of the 2nd Powerful Beauty K'onference: 
Women in leadership roles.

This Year Miss-K has invited some Powerful Women 
with well-known faces in their field..
3 Medical Doctors, who have not only transformed their own life and
 also help transformed those of others in many big ways on the daily basis.
All from different countries..Jamaica , Nigeria, UK.. India..

They will all come together under 1 roof..So make sure you watch it.

On: March 10, 2022 06:30 PM London

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Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Get Empowered By Reading Miss-K's Exclusive Interview For The World Industry Leaders Magazine.

EXCLUSIVE: Miss-K Rewards Hon.Rashid Pelpuo for his Prowess & Goodwill, on his Impactful Support Towards Kreative Kick Youth Summit.

Making a come back with a Big Boom, the powerful Afro-Caribbean beautyMiss-K, who is an Artist, Fashion Supermodel, Brand Ambassador, Entrepreneur, and Humanitarian, and who was also crowned 1 of 100 Most Inspirational Women in the World back in 2019 by W.A.W, has met with none other than Ghana Parliamentarians Global Action LeaderHonorable Rashid Pelpuo, who is also Ghana's former Minister of State, former Deputy Leader of Parliament of Ghana- and former Minister of Youth & Sports.

On 21st November 2021, ahead of thanksgiving, Miss-K was keen to meet with Hon. Pelpuowho had just arrived from Ghana, for a short trip to the UK, all to accept his reward given to him for the impactful support he showcased towards the international community by taking part in the"Kreative Kick Youth Summit" 2020, which was initially founded by Miss-K to support the United Nations agenda, and for which Hon.Dr.R.Pelpuo delivered a wonderful Keynote speech.

Miss-K, also known as Karina Martinez – who has long been vocal about her passion for helping to achieve U.N, Sustainable Development Goals through empowerment – joined Hon. Pelpuo and other Renowned Multiple Award-winning Creatives, as guests panelists for the 1-day virtual event, last year 12.08.2020, that was taking place for the second year running.

Where do you begin to talk about the greatness of  Miss-K

The world has been blessed with very few of her ilk. You think of courage, defiance, principled, and many other descriptions of strength and might, without forgetting her generosity and will to give back to society. Yet, it was Miss-K’s strong faith that has guided her throughout her journey to date. Not only to believe in herself but also to believe in other people's ability to succeed for themself. That is the reason why she created the Kreative Kick Youth Summit, specially formed to empower and inspire the younger generation.

This is far from the first time that Miss-K has spoken up about this cause, which is so close to her heart, ever since she founded it back in 2017 and implemented its vision in 2018, to finally launch it in 2019. 

However, this past year 2020, due to the historical pandemic, Miss-K felt it would be wise to host the Kreative Kick summit online, and with all this fabulous experience she has behind her, Miss-K hosted the aforementioned virtual event successfully. 

The summit focused on 3 specific areas, "Creativity + Global Impact + Youth Empowerment", organized to support the United Nations International Youth Day and their agenda on youth involvement towards global impact.

Miss-K was keen to meet with him and acknowledge him with a certificate of participation, all to reward him for his "prowess and his dedicated time" which he provided last year when participating in the Kreative Kick Youth Summit. 

The aim of the "certificate of appreciation" is to provide recognition to the leader that is chosen to be the keynote speaker of the day, often Leaders of the world, who believe in creativity and are willing to give their time in kind to empower and educate the youth, by accepting the role of "keynote speaker" for the event, showcasing some of their own experiences and blessing the crowd with educative content and encouraging words.

On Launching the "Kreative Kick Recognition Certificate" in 2019, Miss-K said:

“I wanted to create a reward and acclaim for a thoughtful, reflective act of kindness, that seeks to improve appreciation of support towards our leaders who believe in uplifting the global community, and formost who believe that the youth can triumph, with the right tools of education provided. Another way to creatively give back to those who often "give back to others without receive accolations for their charitable support".

The world Industry leaders wish Miss-K & her team a happy new month and vow to keep supporting her for all future events she wishes to accomplish and promise to keep promoting such educative & impactful ventures with media enforcement.

For more info on Kreative Kick, visit- 

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Friday, October 29, 2021

Flash Back Friday ! Miss-K attending the London African Fashion Week back in 2011.

          A decade on, and we thought it would be great to go down memory lane. 
        Showcasing Miss-K attending the London African Fashion Week Show back in 2011.

She looked radiant wearing a gown she had customized herself for the special occasion.
She attended as a VIP and graced the front row, 
seating alongside guest of honor Senator Ita Giwa,
just to name a few. 

Check out the photos below!

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Thursday, September 02, 2021

Miss-K Makes Surprising Confession on how she built her Empire !

Miss-K shared a piece of her testimony, on her social media 
and opened up on how she built her own table within the Entertainment Industry.

  • Miss-K brings her supreme royalty and glamourous look to the table, as she shares a piece of her testimony and opens up on how she built her

  • She looked magnificent in this chic and sophisticated ensemble.

" Ever since i was a teenager i Never waited to be offered a #seat at the table..instead, i created my own #table, because i knew that God had created me #talented and #innovative enough,to NOT keep waiting for #opportunities to come my instead, I've "K'reated" my own.
I've built that table,1 piece at a time, overcoming failed attempts.. shortcomings..and important mistakes that helped me recalibrate the direction I was heading towards.
All because i was determined enough to honor my #divine gifts, including honoring the powerful and multiple visions God blessed me with, and i kept on pushing, always tried to K'reate a WAY, out of NO WAY..all because i chose to build by #faith and not by #sight.
Today i get to work in an industry that i love, i get Rewarded, and I've generated hundreds of #partnerships and #sponsors over the years...I've employed other #creatives and sustained #powerful contacts throughout.
All because i chose to believe in my #dreams and in my ability to #Create and #Achieve, and also because I have always been #Determined enough to follow my #passion in the direction my heart leads me to.
Today, I get looked upon with #respect by some of my peers for doing so, all because of those years i've never given up at my craft, for those years of focus, for those years of dedication, for those years of sleepless nights, for those years of not always hanging out, for those years of not watching TV all day..for those years of knocking at doors..and making the calls..and keeping my head up when so many would criticize me for thinking & being different...which ultimately helped me develop a skin "thicker than thick".
Today more than building a table i have built my #Empire...and still building daily.
So if u are still reading this..please i beg of you..i am on my knees:
Don't let #fears hold you back from executing your #plans.
And don't wait for opportunities to be given to you..learn to create your own opportunities!
You can do it.. just think outside the box."
Designer Luxurious T-Shirt: by Rosemari Avenard

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Saturday, August 28, 2021

Miss-K Slays Tropical Steamy Summer Look for K'arnival Weekend !

  • Miss-K's activates London K'arnival Weekend at the beach, 
  • wearing white swimwear and a colourful sarong!

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Sunday, July 18, 2021

A Double Award Winning "CELEBRATION" for Miss-K!

As the month began Miss-K has been awarded twice, she won one award on the 1st of July 2021 courtesy of the Rainbow Magazine who crowned her: "The Most Outstanding female Initiator of the Year"...and the second award yesterday, as she was crowned: *African Woman of the Year for Outstanding Global Leadership*
This Recognition was given to me, for organizing the "Women Empowerment Summit" back in 2020 titled the *Powerful Beauty K'onference* and for my consistent effort to Empowering Women globally however & whenever I can.
Award Event Theme: "Sustainable Women Leadership Empowerment in Africa"....
Awards Courtesy of the (OWAA) Outstanding Women in Africa Award and World Industry Leaders.

So Yes, Your Golden Girl is really happy right now. Congratulation Miss-K

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Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Miss-K Ends the Month Blissfully!

Read Rainbow Magazine's article about Miss-K, 
Published for the last week of June in Nigeria.

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Friday, June 25, 2021

Rainbow Magazine,(Nigeria) honour Miss-K on their June Edition Cover.

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Thursday, June 03, 2021

CELEBRATIONS !! Miss-K Honors Speaker V. Obazee & Mayor Kate Anolue, With A Special Birthday Shout Out.

Today Miss-K has decided to use this "Throwback Thursday" to not only showcase 
some great fashion from 2019, when she attended the Nollywood Film Festival, but also, 
she used the opportunity to celebrate two lovely ladies and mentors 
she looks up to and calls her 2 favorite Anty.
Speaker Victoria Obaze and Mayor Kate Anolue.

"It's My Darling Anty -Cllr. Speaker Victoria Obaze's Birthday today.
..Hip Hip Hooray.. Wishing you long life..Happy Birthday!"

Allow me to pay a SPECIAL tribute to this lovely human being..Who has the"7G" Factor..

You are very "Godly, Grounded, Generous, Go-Getters, Gorgeous, and most importantly have the *Gumption* to go after their *DREAMS* "... without the shadow of a doubt...You are Winners...You have created such an impact in my life...and across communities on a global scale, with your driven personality and engaging mindset..In a positive way that I want to honor you on this special day...Which is your special day!

You have supported my humanitarian ventures ever since we met at the Nollywood Film festival..back in 2019 and also taught me how to cook the best Nigerian Ankara and MoiMoi in the world.
Truly I am ever so grateful for you. You are so warm and loving..even if you had to show me some tough love at times...I know It's for the betterment of me..Yes oooo...Still, I owe it to you to celebrate you ALWAYS.

I want to also appreciate My Darling Anty - Cllr. Mayor Kate Anolue"
Happy BELATED BIRTHDAY to you..Hip Hip Hooray
WOW..i have known you for so many years now..Ever since we first met at the * Ministers of Women Affaire, Dr. Viola Onwuliri 's private dinner in Nigeria, back in 2013* ..You have always been so welcoming and kind to me, always complimenting me on my Fashion and noticed my Passion to perfect my projects..You equally have supported me in my many humanitarian ventures, each and every time..You never skipped a beat..
You are so warm and loving..even if you had to show me some tough love at times...I know It's for the betterment of me..
Yes oooo...Still, i owe it to you to celebrate you ALWAYS.

The community loves you both and joins me to wish you both a long life.
Keep up the good work with your political assignments and Charitable foundations. Keep enlightening each and every soul that crosses your path. 

Signed: Miss-K 

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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

K'ONGRATULATIONS!! Miss-K Wins Another Award!

Yessss. Miss-K has won another Award..
She is officially the proud recipient of the "Pride of Women Award" 2021.

She won amongst other great women, including Senator Remy Tinubu, Dr. (Mrs.) Titilayo Fowokan is the Group Head, Strategic Tax and Compliance, Dangote Industries Limited, just to name a few.

Miss-K thanks the "Nigeria's Women Award" for this wonderful they celebrated their 10th Anniversary and decided to reward her effort in organizing the *"Powerful Beauty K'onference"* last year, on time for the "International Women's Day", all to Inspire Women to *Step into their Power.

What Exciting News to end the month of March with!

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Sunday, March 14, 2021


Happy Women's Day from Miss-K!!! 
"Sending my Love ♥️ to All the struggling mothers out there..
Stay Strong..and Keep Evolving on your path...You are the Warriors of Today's worth of Emulation.
I salute you!" Miss-K

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