Thursday, September 02, 2021

Miss-K Makes Surprising Confession on how she built her Empire !

Miss-K shared a piece of her testimony, on her social media 
and opened up on how she built her own table within the Entertainment Industry.

  • Miss-K brings her supreme royalty and glamourous look to the table, as she shares a piece of her testimony and opens up on how she built her

  • She looked magnificent in this chic and sophisticated ensemble.

" Ever since i was a teenager i Never waited to be offered a #seat at the table..instead, i created my own #table, because i knew that God had created me #talented and #innovative enough,to NOT keep waiting for #opportunities to come my instead, I've "K'reated" my own.
I've built that table,1 piece at a time, overcoming failed attempts.. shortcomings..and important mistakes that helped me recalibrate the direction I was heading towards.
All because i was determined enough to honor my #divine gifts, including honoring the powerful and multiple visions God blessed me with, and i kept on pushing, always tried to K'reate a WAY, out of NO WAY..all because i chose to build by #faith and not by #sight.
Today i get to work in an industry that i love, i get Rewarded, and I've generated hundreds of #partnerships and #sponsors over the years...I've employed other #creatives and sustained #powerful contacts throughout.
All because i chose to believe in my #dreams and in my ability to #Create and #Achieve, and also because I have always been #Determined enough to follow my #passion in the direction my heart leads me to.
Today, I get looked upon with #respect by some of my peers for doing so, all because of those years i've never given up at my craft, for those years of focus, for those years of dedication, for those years of sleepless nights, for those years of not always hanging out, for those years of not watching TV all day..for those years of knocking at doors..and making the calls..and keeping my head up when so many would criticize me for thinking & being different...which ultimately helped me develop a skin "thicker than thick".
Today more than building a table i have built my #Empire...and still building daily.
So if u are still reading this..please i beg of you..i am on my knees:
Don't let #fears hold you back from executing your #plans.
And don't wait for opportunities to be given to you..learn to create your own opportunities!
You can do it.. just think outside the box."
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