History of Miss-K’s Giving-Back.

Miss K’s passion for giving back and making a difference is evident.
Her global impact transcends music, fashion, and popular culture.

The Singer, Brand Ambassador, Model, and Entrepreneur, 
whose humanitarian efforts mirror her career in the entertainment industry, which is accelerating at a record pace, particularly in Africa.

Something which has earned her the title of "Mother Theresa of Africa"
 by the renowned News Giant, "New Telegraph Online" Newspaper, 
when returning from her trip to Nigeria in April 2015.

She has utilized her platform to generate 

social impact across Health, Education, Drinkable Water, and
Youth Empowerment,within the humanitarian sector especially.

Thus far, Miss-K has supported global campaigns 

for the youth's health and enrichment programs on 
HIV/AIDS and supported emergency response for natural disasters.

More recenty during the pandemic in 2020, Multiple Award Winning Artist and Fashion Model, Miss-K, showcased her humanitarian spirit, by taking the initiative to produced 
a TV Docu-series titled: ICONS & LEADERS. 

           She reached out to several Celebrities and Iconic friends of hers, which included Award-Winning Politicians, Celebrities, and Health Care professionals, all across the world, to create a positive and empowering message, for the Afro-Caribbean community in the UK, during the Lockdown, as the entire world shut down, for the Covid 19 pandemic.

The Health Awareness documentary 

was shown on several TV stations in the UK, on several Sky Channels,

 throughout the entire summer of 2020.


Watch some of the trailers here:

Miss-K's involvement in charity work and social causes 
have won her numerous honors and accolades.

The Foundations she has supported so far include:

- JUSTADROP  (A Water Foundation for which Miss-K also wrote a song titled "Drop, Drop"
The track can be heard on the left inside of this page press play!)


Below: Miss-K with Mr.Okpara (National Youth Secretary of HIV AIDS Nigeria)
 while touring Abuja (Nigeria) on behalf of the TV series  MTV- SUGA Tour, 
to encourage the community to have a free HIV test.

Miss-K is no stranger to the Nigerian environment, 
as she has over the years visited the country on several occasions.

The musical artiste, fell in love with the country and its people so much that she came to further business investments, including official engagements while meeting with some government officials and other private concerns and individuals in respect of her humanitarian venture.

Indeed, Miss-K dreams big projects for Africa, 
details of which she plans to unveil soon.
During a more recent trip to Nigeria in January 2015 
while seemingly holding up in her secret hideout, 
away from the media and enjoying the beauty of the country, 
Miss-K was searched out by the National Youth Network of Nigeria for HIV/AIDS, which got wind of her presence in Abuja and succeeded in convincing her to join their HIV/AID campaign. A request Miss- K couldn’t resist, given her passion for humanitarian work.
The timing couldn't be better as it all took place during the ‘Valentine’ period, best day to show love to humanity. She spent the day in the company of the National Secretary of Youth Network, Mr.Okpara, and his team, on a community HIV & AIDS Outreach Tour in the Federal Capital Territory. 

The event was in conjunction with MTV "Staying Alive" Foundation and popular SHUGA TV Sitcom,in partnership with MTV Base, PEPFAR,

Bill  Melinda Gates Foundation, Elton John Aids Foundation,

Part of the day’s line up was learning how to test a patient for HIV/AIDS and encouraging people to get tested to know their HIV status while spreading love amongst those who needed it the most – those living with AIDS
Miss-K admitted having a fulfilled trip, as she spoke of how rewarding it was for her top have had the opportunity to meet with Mr.Okpara, who also took his time to  medically train her personally, on how to test patients
enforcing how much of an impact such a day could make in someone’s life.

Miss-K with Mr. Okapara (National Youth Secretary on HIV/AIDS in Nigeria)
Aside this, she also had the opportunity to reconnect with a kindred sister, 
an Afro-Caribbean & American, UN Human right activist, 
Ambassador Dr. Russell, who specializes on exotic diseases, 
with whom she discussed the HIV epidemics in West Africa and the possibility of partnering in the near future to bring succour to the sufferers.
Miss-K with Dr Marcia Russel
The former MTN Advertorial Campaign Model (2008-2009) 
speaks glowingly of Nigeria, a country she describes as the motherland and recalls with some nostalgic excitement, recounting her visit to places like Makoko village in Lagos which she visited in 2012, and where she organised a photo-shoot for the production of her 2013 calendar, which she releases yearly exploring each year a different location and theme.

Miss-K's "Kalendar 2013" shot @ the Makoko Village.

Miss-K made an impact when returning to Makoko Village, in 2015, 

down the Lagos island to reconnect with the people, (her people), and  
most importantly the children that she had shot her photoshoot with and loved so dearly, to whom she donated several boxes of items such as clothes, shoes, toys, books, amongst others, all of which she brought all the way from the UK.

In 2012, she embarked on a new project titled SU4A "Stand up for AfriKa" a landmark package & a gift she desires to offer Africans and the less privileged especially. 
This, she contended, goes beyond the exhibition of goodwill but will be memorable 
and will impact on their future lives.

In 2011,Miss-K visits the Red Cross Orphanage in Ikeja (Lagos)


In 2010, Miss-K wins "Best Activist Humanitarian of the Year" Award by Pride of the Motherland @ the London Indigo 02 Arena, on the 26/6/2010.

In Sept 2009, Miss-K became the First International Patron and spokesperson
 for the UK based charity– ‘Green Nigeria’ where she helped raise funds and creating awareness for a better tomorrow for the children of Africa..... 

Miss-K shaking hands with Nigerian  High Commissioner Dr.Tafida. 

With the Green Nigeria Charity Miss-K officially introduced the charity to the High commissioner himself, His Excellency Dr. Dalhatu Sarki Tafida.

February 2009, saw Miss-K re-visiting the fountain orphanage in Lekki Lagos, 
Nigeria to donate bags of clothes toys and more.

In January 2008, Miss-K payed a visit to the fountain Orphanage to meet with the orphans and spend time to play with them, down lekkie, Lagos (Nigeria) Additionally she didn't leave without extending some monetary support, surprising the owner of the foundation with a check to help further the well being of the children there.