Miss-K is quickly becoming one of the UK's most popular faces.
A Multi-talented woman, she has successfully branded herself 
as Singer/ Songwriter/ Fashion Model / Brand Ambassador /Event & TV Producer
but most of all as an Entrepreneur and a  Humanitarian.

Being an international citizen, 
she was born (Karina Theresa Martinez) 
to a Caribbean Father & a Spanish, Italian Mother 
who introduced her to the musical sounds of  Afro-Zouk, Salsa, Rock & Roll, and Gospel. 
However, Miss K’s musical influence is as varied as the Hip-Hop coming out of America,
 to the old R'n'B sounds all the way to the Caribbean rhythms of the West Indies and the Afrobeat straight out of Africa.

After giving a shot at singing on stage at few events and featuring on several tracks, 
she eventually was given the opportunity in the summer of 2007 to be part of the concert Open Act of the American Hip Hop group “The Roots”.

Miss-k & American Hip Hop Group- : THE ROOTS

Miss-K, took a hiatus from music in 2008 and took over management of her career;
Something that prooved to become very fruitful, as shortly after, Miss-K was contracted to appear in a massive Advertorial Campaign for Africa's largest Telecommunication Giant, MTN.

She flown to Nigeria to Model for the brand, making her the first 

Afro-Caribbean face to ever Model for MTN - 
The pictures she featured in, were advertised all year long  in 2009 
on billboards, calendars, scratch cards, magazines, and press across Nigeria.

Her trip to Nigeria gave her the opportunity to spread her wings and guest star in several music videos notably “Banging” by Ruggedman and “No be Small thing” by Ayzee Yo featuring Tuface Idebia amongst a few other videos, such as"Nubian Queen" by BigBoy.
Miss-K & Artist Ruggedman 
MISS-K with Artist Tuface (R) and Jamaican Artist Lion (L)

2009 also saw Miss K’s versatility, as she branched into Acting, 
featured in a TV sitcom called “ Night Life ” for a London community project which was screened at the famous Ritzy Picturehouse Cinema  House in London. 

In the humanitarian world, Miss-K's passion for giving back 
and making a difference became evident, 
when she was honored with the offer of becoming the international spokesperson 
and brand ambassador to help raise awareness and funds, 
for an African-UK based charity titled: "Green Nigeria", 
with the aim to build a creative Youth Academy in Nigeria.
Miss-K waving at the crowd seated on the roof of a Double Decker Bus
Additionally, the NGO gave her the opportunity to lead the entire team 
during the official board meeting  presentation with government officials and 
before the London street crowd for their promo tour. 
Miss-K leading the official board meeting.
Photo: Miss-K in conversation with Former Nigerian High Commissioner, Dr Tafida.
 Shortly after, Miss-K was so inspired by this entire movement and public response that she was envisioned with a new way to encourage sustainability in Africa.

Therefore in 2010, she embarked in a new venture 
starting work on a big humanitarian project of her own, which  later lead to the formation
 of the Stand-Up 4 AfriKa (SU4A) project.

Right at the beginning of the year 2010, 
Miss-K featured in the centerfold of  Top African Magazines, "ModeMen" January issue.

Additionally, she went on to grace few other cover Magazines, 
such as "Movietainement" Feb issue, and "Runway" March issue.

Challenging that curvier models are as valuable within the fashion industry as much as the regular models, aiming to challenge big brands to push for the agenda of diversity.
something she has been an activist for since 2007.

In Spring 2010, Miss-K came back with a Big Bang, striking herself a lucrative 
1-year deal, with and Fantasy Handmade Jewelry company titled: PTB. 
Making her their very first brand Ambassador for having proven herself to be 
"Fresh, Funky and Fabulous" to the words of the Company founder!
Miss-K went on to shoot their advertorial campaign, 
posing for the notorious multIple awards winner 
and celebrity photographer, Brian would.

In April, Miss-K hosted a Fashion show featuring 
street wear designers organized by "Jelly Me" PR.
Later this same year in June, 
Miss-K was commissioned  by the Nigerian High Commission 
to open up the Nigerian Tourism Expo"African Fashion Show" 
at the Excel Centre, showcasing various designers' collections, 
where she additionally cat walked with Kids presenting the "Belle Natives" Collection.

Shortly After, in July Miss-K was commissioned 
by Actress/Film Producer & Director HRH T.Ibekwe to become one of the judges 
for her her prestigious beauty pageant titled: "Miss Elegant"
which was filmed and aired in the UK on BEN TV Channel 182, 
which later became and award-winning production.

Miss-K chose to join the ALL WOMEN cast 
taking a seat alongside other influential judges.

Later this year, in November 2010, Miss-K packed her bags to Nigeria (Africa)
for 3 months long, adventuring herself on a promotional Tour 
to pre-advertise the humanitarian project 
she had initiated at the beginning of the year, titled SU4A. 

During her tour, the exotic blonde bombshell, 
who at the time was new to the Nigerian social landscape, and celebrity scene; 
prompted the news headlines when attending a high profile red carpet event, after scandalous pictures of  her "Ass-sets" were taken by the paparazzis and published across the entire Nigerian press the very next day, making  her the front cover page of local newspaper, 
and worldwide media blogs, including gossip columns magazine, 
highlighting a wardrobe malfunction caused by the "African weather", 
which saw her popularity rise overnight like never before.

Coined more appropriately from her own lips in reference to those pictures profiled by the media, 
Miss-K who has never been ashamed of her curves,
chose to remarkably turn this negative incident into a positive one, openly stating: 
“Well, they haven't seen anything yet, am putting all my ‘Ass-Sets’, 
out to a positive service for the world to see.” 

Before the year run out, Miss-K did just that, turning her words into actions by  releasing another one of her breathtaking calendars to the world, 
her Kalendar 2012, 

proving once again that "Curvy Women are equally as beautiful as their thinner counterparts", showing off her curves, insisting that "curvy girls can do it all, 
including being equally flexible."
Miss-K's " 2012 Kalendar"

2012, started with a big BANG, as her calendar became a phenomenon, 
which lead to a growing fan base internationally, 
reaching up to 170 countries worldwide following her site.

Miss-K 's winning spirit mindset empowered  her along the year, 
as she had decided to help her Film Director Friend, Niyi Towolawi,
with some creative magic, all to promote his new American Movie Production. 

Something she managed to do quiet fantastically when choosing to make a paper dress

 out of the movie posters, by reaching to another fashion designer, named Aleah, 
who was also quite gifted at paper-making dresses.

Shortly after Miss-K disturbed the red carpet, 
unapologetically causing chaos amongst the paparazzi, 
when arriving wearing the show-stopping dress, at the world premiere.

Miss-K made a very strategic move knowing fully well, 
that it would be the best way to help him promote the film to the fullest to the press, 
and effortlessly, yet making a memorable impact.
The film titled "Turning Point", started mega American Stars:
 Actors, K.D. Aubert, Todd Bridges, Ernie Hudson, and Nollywood actress Patience Ozokwor.

Before leaving back to Nigeria, Miss-K was so stunted by the beauty of the country, 
that she then decided to start orienting her "Kalendars shoots" more towards capturing 
the traditional sides and the beauty of each country she would visit to help push forward tourism.

So she then decided to shoot part of her "Kalendar 2013",
 at the Makoko Village which was originally scheduled to take place in Dubai.

From there, Miss-k was so overwhelmed with the love she received from the kids while shooting with them at the Makoko Village (Lagos), that she started envisioning a new way of giving back to the community, deciding that 50% of her Kalendar Sells proceeds will be used to buy educational books for the kids of Makoko Village.
She didn't stop there, as she chose to spice things up,
by still having as scheduled the remaining of the calendar, shot in Dubai,
offering best of both world to her audience,
with aim to make it more appealing to them than ever before, by showcasing the cultural beauty of each country, shooting 6 months of African Traditions shot 
 capturing speechless moments, under the careful eye of Multiple award winner and renowned Nigerian Photographer to the Stars,Sanusi Shoboboye, and another 6 months of the Arabic traditions shot by Irish Multiple Award Winner Brian Would.

Later that year, Miss-K blew away everyone's expectations by releasing her "2013 Kalendar"
making her more than just the Face of a Brand.

Proving to everyone that Miss-K had graduated from Model to Muse!

Once back on the British soil, returning from the United Arab Emirates
Miss-K attended as a VIP guest, the Nollywood Premiere, of the film titled:"Broken Bride"
where her golden glow didn't go unnoticed, turned heads once more,
when making an appearance on the red carpet, 
published in the media's headlines the very next day.

Right after,Miss-K took some time out, going back to what she knew best; Music!
Returning to the recording studio to work on some musical magic and write new songs.

Yet, her hiatus to the Music studio didn't last long, 
as she was immediately appointed by VOGUE.COM's former Editor in Chief, 
Abigail Chisman,to become the Curve Ambassador of their new Fashion "Designer Jumble" pop up shop, and shoot their new fashion campaign, right on time for London Fashion Week, in Feb 2013. Something which made her Portfolio skyrocketed dramatically, giving her the opportunity to collaborate once again with Photographer, Brian Would.

(Shots of Miss-K modeling for the Designer's Jumble Fashion Campaign)

Working in the entertainment, fashion and beauty industry, has enabled Miss-K to appreciate her youthful looks, and use them towards beneficial projects, which she has embraced with a positive attitude, something that has helped her gained major golden opportunities.

Few months later, in summer 2013, the Golden Girl, packed her bags for a further 3 months, 
the Curve Ambassador and melodious songstress, the humanitarian with a difference,
 who is always on the go, and has something worth Standing-Up for, hits the shores of Africa once again, in grand style causing chaos among the local paparazzi at Lagos Airport (Nigeria),
were the social landscape charmingly embraced her, 
making her one of their favorite African descent from the diaspora.

This time, she had comeback to attend and a high level summit, 
 which was an official invitation extended to her by 
the Minister of Women's affairs herself, 
to be one of her special guests.

The summit was organised by all African First ladies,

which was titled:"Global Power, African Women Network",
focused on Health and more importantly HIV & AIDS.
Additionally, Miss-K was gifted a certificate of attendance 
along with other governmental officials and various dignitaries

Besides the large heart, Miss-K possess, 
she also has a landmark package & gift that she desires to offer 
to the African youth most especially.

An Award winner for her remarkable Humanitarian work, since 2010,

Miss-K's latest project will reflect the love she has for Africans and Africa.
This, she contended, goes beyond the exhibition of goodwill 
but will be memorable and also make an impact on the future of the lives of Africans adding 
"People should wait patiently for the gift and the unveiling of her 
the forthcoming single titled: "Stand up for AfriKa."

After making headlines for her hard work, Miss-K was once again nominated 
for the second year running by the "Afro-Model Awards" in April 2014, 
in the "Miss Curvy" Category.

Provocatively sensual is about what sums up this musical Diva 
but Miss-K's natural charms is where her real treasures lies, earning her the adoration of many,
when her 5th "Kalendar 2014" emerged in the winter 2013, 
which was also creatively directed by Miss-K herself 
and captured by the lense of an Asian student photographer, named Gayatri.

This calendar propelled her to officially win the international Achievers Award, 
in October 2014 as the "Plus size Model of the Year", creating a buzz among her peers in the entertainment industry, including the press and social media blogs.

Fast Forward to October 1st, 2015, Miss-K released her "Kalendar 2015" to the world titled "Wild Safari ", choosing to work once again with one of her favorite Multiple Award Winner, Irish Photographer to the Stars, Brian Would.

A calendar that would represent the wildlife of African safaris, 
transforming herself into several bush animals, something she amazingly managed to do, 
when being inspired by mainstream cover magazines to also prove to the world that curvier girls, 
are valuable within the fashion industry as much as the regular model, 
still with the aim to challenge bigger brands to push for the agenda of diversity.

A new year arose, and Miss-K surprised us once more with yet another amazing gift, surely unexpected from many, unveiling her "Kalendar 2016" to the masses, 
this time choosing to go back to her latina roots 
choosing to represent "Mexico" has a theme, joining partnership with several Mexican brands from Giant Restaurant chain named "Wahaca", including various Fashion designers.

 In April, 2016, Miss-K was searched out by a Fashion Group emerging from Uganda 
 named the African Image Creators and she was flown to Kampala 
to shoot and Creatively Direct their new advertorial campaign.

All to help them launch their fashion brand to the world,
titled "The Black Creation Collections",
which was released to the public in September 2016,
 just on time for London Fashion Week.

2017 brought great joy to Miss-K,

when finding out she was asked to give her views on Nigeria's Educational system, 
highlighting the Lagos University's new ban on student's Fashion.
Something she was so keen to partake in when being interviewed by Media Giant, 
former CNN and BBC News Anchor, Charles Aniagolu.

Swiftly after, Miss-K was booked to make a special guest appearance as a lead model
for hit Maker, music artist Silvastone's music video titled: "Incredible".
Something she accepted without hesitation, 
showing the world how she could still shake her "Kurves" like never before!

Later this same year, Miss-K was nominated for yet another award

for from the Teen Africa Foundation, for her work in empowering the youth
earning her another award win, as the "Inspirational Entrepreneur of the Year"

Beginning of 2018, Miss-K chose to take a long 3-months break
 away from the press and social media world to reboot.

She triumphantly resurfaced shaking grounds like never before,
boldly and confidently, reinventing herself, and showcasing a slimmer figure, when gracing the red carpet of  Multiple Award Winner, Nollywood Movie: "Talking Dolls"
when she chose turned up like a real barbie doll, rocking neon bright pink hair,
and began a media frenzy, breaking the internet the very next day.

Ending the year gloriously when she released her 9th calendar, in October 2018.
Choosing to shoot it in France, in the French capital, Paris.
Miss-K had a strong desire to showcase the tourism sector of this fabulous city,
by dressing up in characters of the French culture
reflecting the seductive life of Paris by night, in her "Kalendar 2019".

Once more, Miss-K made a few dropped their jaws by announcing that 
she had become the new Brand Ambassador to luxurious brand Rosemari Avenard, 
unlocking herself a 1-year deal, to showcase the brand's amazing apparels 
and creatively direct their campaign.

Rosemari Avenard, a French Designer who previously worked for
 renowned fashion houses like Chanel and Louis Vuitton,
 was thrilled to have Miss-K as the face of her Fashion brand.

Regarding its decision to taking Miss-K on board, 
the french fashion designer, brand heavyweight, Rosemari Avenard, 
who once also designed pieces for Beyonce and Angelina Jolie, mentioned:

"It's a new year,so in order to promote the brand Rosemari Avenard, I wanted to honor curvy women first and for this, I chose "Miss-K" who appealed to be, what I believe a woman should be: 
bold & confident. 
Moreover, she is someone who doesn't just embrace her curves, she celebrates them!
Miss-K exudes positive energy and dares to be herself and thanks to her vision, 
who allows me to be really what I am and for that, I thank her in advance 
and we are pleased to announce her as the face of the company for this year 2019.”

Miss-K took to her social media once again,
 encouraging the Nigerian Citizens living in Nigeria,
NOT to fight during the political elections time,
as she was horrified by the killings she kept on seeing across the news. 

She stated: "Today I want to take the time to salute NIGERIA and NIGERIANS for all of the hard work they have put into pushing the election forward...Like many, I can't wait to find out the election results..Yet despite who wins, what I certainly can't wait to see NIGERIA evolve and move in a better and brighter direction as one, 
PEACEFULLY so the VIOLENCE and killings can END. #Say No to violence."

A powerful statement which later earned her an official invitation to attend the 
Nigerian President's Inauguration in May 2019. An offer Miss-K accepted but couldn't attend due to other important engagements she was booked for.

Shortly after on March 8th, International Women's day Miss-K broke barriers like never before 
when she was honored with an Honorary Award  from the WAW foundation 
(Women Appreciating Women) and was inducted in their hall of fame 
 Additionally, she was crowned "1 out of 100 most inspirational women in the world".
When Breaking the News, 
Media houses worldwide rushed to publish,
including The World News with 33,000 million subscribers, 
having had over a quarter of a million people "liking" the story.

which was also printed in entertainment section of the 
Nigerian Telegraph Newspaper's Dazzling Razzle weekend Magazine.

In June 2019, The Rosemari Avenar Fashion House,
launched their New Fashion Campaign, for their "Scarves" collection 
which featured and was creatively directed by Miss-K.

Equally this same month, on June 15, 
Miss-K was made special guest at Nigerian TV & Media veteran, 
Chief Julie Coker's Music Album Launch,
where Miss-K was announced officially by Chief Julie Coker,
 as her Goddaughter to the world.
A shock to many but not to Miss-K, who has been very close to the Media Mogul 
for years and always referred to her as her "African Mama". 
Chief Julie Coker and Miss-K

More recently Miss-K has launched a  new creative platform,
right on time to give back to the youth, for "International Youth Day"
on the 12th August, the event was titled "Kreative Kick Youth Summit",
with the support of many peers from the entertainment industry, 
including support from a lots of support from international Media Houses.

Later in September, Miss-K was once again commissioned by the Rosemari Avenard Fashion House, to Not only model for the brand but also Direct their New Photoshoot for the Fall collection 2020.

Something she did with enthusiasm and passion, aiming to turn head once again, 
by promoting diversity within the fashion world, activating her inner courage by being daring, and choosing to arrive with several models from all ages and sizes at the London Fashion Week 2019.

Miss-K continued to promote the Rosemari Avenard Fashion House till the end of 2019.

Musically, Miss-K aims to finally launch her big Project for the motherland which includes a song specially made for charity titled "Stand up for AfriKa."

live Soul Acoustic Version, dedicated to the Motherland, 
which talks about the richness Africa holds.

Song Preview here:

From a writer's observation, following an investigation of her social experience and on-stage musical accomplishments, she is definitely moving mountains
 in the entertainment and humanitarian scene.

Meanwhile, as 2020 got hit with the Corona Virus pandemic worldwide, 
Miss-K got busier than ever before and ended up breaking glass ceilings, in an industry that became dormant and disturbed the grounds even more.Check out her 2020 retrospective which she expressed 
during one of her last interviews for international women's day in March 2021, where she shares her retrospective on the "Giant Strides" she’s Achieved in 2020 Leading to 2021,

Ever since  March, Miss-K was recognized once again by winning another award for her work towards women empowerment, making her the recipient of the "Pride of Women" 2021 
amongst other awardees which included a list of PhD Holders and Senator Remy Tinubu.

With all this, we can surely say that Miss-K is a "Powerful Manifester" in her own right.

Like Many she has BIG dreams, trying her very best to reach each and every goals she set herself to achieve and always striving for more, hence this serves to awaken people's hidden appetites as connoisseurs of good things, 
as to what will be on offer this coming year 2020 and beyond.

Bio credit: Marcel Osugo