Monday, April 26, 2010

Miss- k 's B'day weekend !!

Woooaaaaaa, 638 messages as b'day wishes on my FB wall,this is so sweet, you guys i'm so made my day truly, i had a wonderful weekend...The Jelly Fashion show was off the hook & me Hosting it was even more Fun then i expected..Thanks so much for all the Presents, Cards,& thanks so much to 4 the Surprize b'day cake and champagnes. I'm Honored..God bless you all >>Miss k

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Hey sweet fellas, just a GOOD NEWS i must share with you today...I AM HONNORED TO ANNOUNCE that Miss k as JUST BEEN elected the FACE of Purple Turtle Beads (PTB) for 2010/11 which is a CUSTOM MADE JEWELRY COMPANIE...CONTRACT IS SIGNED AND AGREED...yooohooooooo

Monday, April 12, 2010

Haiti is still ALIVE, it's been 2 months Since the Hearthquake..

Hey sweet G's,2day it's been EXACLTY 2 months since Haiti as Gone through that terrible hearthquake, but lets not forget them ,let's not stop giving to them.whether you are African or Caribbean or Europpean or American,Help should have no the Wylclef foundation & please give.I Just find out that for... the first time since this terrible incident they were able to re-open a school for kids.Thanks God....for any donnation ,please follow the link ====>;jsessionid=FB08E2D0353231397B527FE19273B18C.web114....... and follow the instructions thanks for your kindness...God bless.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Miss k is HOSTING for a Jelly me Fashion Show

OYE OYE, hey you sweet greemlins i've got a Good news, Miss k as been Contracted to HOST/PRESENT a JELLY ME FASHION SHOW ,which will be taking place on the 25 of April conjenction with my Co-Host Farina West...we hoping to light up the place with our sweet smiles and sexy outfits..on the menu; Catwalk..Trendy ...Haute couture and some Hot ARTISTS Performing on that night too.. so come join us , the more the merrier....Lets have fun..For tickets Hit me up...

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Miss k 's Photo shoot Professional Pics!!

Here is one of the beautiful Pictures Taken By Adamagiss LTD...During my Paris Shoot last weekend ...Hope you will get to like it as much as i do !!
the theme was SEXY.. in a chineese setting bedroom !!!!


hey you guys Miss k had a very nice evening
playing the Judges for the Miss Elegante 2010
.. what a great Team of Juges and very Lovely Contestantes too..Also Thumbs Up to the CEO Miss Theodora Ibekwe;;;
looking forward to the next Audion 2!!!

Friday, April 02, 2010

Miss k weekend shoot in Paris !!

Shooting a brand new advert for Paris Giant brand Adamagiss LTD !!! to view the pics fallow this link ====>on my facebook page.. 78 pics to view!!

Miss k , geting ready for a Barbie Doll Shoot !!

MAC makeup was used on Miss k, By Samantha Lisa...Professional Mac makeup Artist ..Miss k getting ready for a shoot, titled , the BARBIE DOLL see her other work look for her on Myspace...she is the best!!