Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dj Suga Kan'n Party time !!

I've had a fantastic time @ my brother's party last night Dj Suga Kan'n / Dj Duke Etienne..@ Charlie Wrights , Old street, London..
It was packed , fun, the Jamming session was off the hook!!! We will Surely soon do it again !!! Looking forward to the Next one, to view pics follow this link ===> check it out on my Facebook page!!!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Video shoot

Just made it , through, Staring in a 2 days video shoot, for a cool friend of mine, was fabulous... everyone was looking hot..and sexy, including me, lol... looking forward to seeing the cage fighting on TV , it's gonna be something else....i got to fall and bruised myself, but i should be ok in few days, Miss k is a survivor !!! lol, give me 2/3 weeks to surprise you with the video !!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fashion ,Haute couture!!

Prepare to be blown away London Fashion week just started and it's going to be magical , grand, gorgeous, classy and edgy...
a beautiful combination to enjoy the real couture, so up on your Christian Dior shoes and your Louis Vuitton bags and get Ready for some amazing shows, and lets not forget the whole Fashion industry as lost a wonderful Designer, Mr Alexander Mc Queen, so a massive condolehence speech will be made..RIP!!!!

Music to my hears......

Last night was a great one, i've been jamming, with one of my favorite Artist straight from America, he a rapper /producer,got hold of my accoustic guitar and i did the vocals,it was a pure Soul Session, i swear... the vibe?? ONE WORD/ Magical..,a track is on it's way for sure....his name, shhhhhhhhh, soon to be reveal...e...d...surprise surprise!!!! just think NAS/Maze/ Common---category !! Need i say more !!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Unfortunately no one was able to get the quiz to win this gorgeous shoes, shame, the answer was really easy :B-D-A-C...but thank you all for playing!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hey guys, to show you my love and appreciation

For your endless support i will be doing a quizz tonight on my FB page with an amazing price to be won this gorgeous pair of woman shoes, from Morgan, brand new. worth 85£ please tune in on my FB page..i have gaven you enough notice so you can't complain that you werent there or be square...competiton...start on my FB page @ 8pm , and winner will be anounce tomorrow at 12PM... ENJOY THE GAME.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine ya'all......

Remember to keep showing love today, to your love's valentines day, no excuses.
Happy valentines to all of you my sweet sugars....
Miss k Loves vous aimes.....ti amo mucho....
c'est beau l'amour...

Miss k's 1st African Magazine Cover !!!

"Hey my sweet sugars, Miss-k has done it again, just appearing on the Cover of ' Movietainement Magazine' February Issue 2010, i thank God for his blessings and opportunities..i hope you'll get to enjoy it as much as i do !!...'Miss-k' the woman with a Golden they !!!for the Fan page or to watch the latest News on Miss k go to"

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Love my creole Food !!

Morning ya'all, remember the other day i told you, how much i was missing my caribbeans, well today i decided to bring the caribbeans to me, & today being sunday,in my caribbeans, sunday it's fish day! So i decided to cook one a nice Creole lunch,some fresh Papaya Salad, Spicy Red Snapper Fish, Basmati Rice,& some sweet Mango Sorbet with a Hint of mint!!! hmmmm.... but no worries,let me share my recipe with you !! For the receipe jus follow this link====>

Friday, February 05, 2010

Trade in a heartbit....

Sometimes you might think that your life's miserable,because you might lack of friends,or lack of money,or didn't get to go to the school you desired,or don't wear the fashionable clothes of the moment,or don't drive the sexy car you'd love,well just remember that someone out there would trade their life with yours in ...a minute,so find yourself lucky to have the little you have & add sugar to your lemon face & smile!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

So inspiring...

Hey you guys,1 of my best friends called me 2day & told me how a friend of hers,felt so low emotionaly because she added weight due to medical complication & she felt so uncomfortable in her own skin, so my best friend showed her some of Miss k's pictures & told her that if i could look good in my curves, so could she, she went to have a make-over,& apparently feels much better!

Remenecing !!!

I am missing my caribbeans.....hmmmmm an urgent trip is needed.....need some of my sweet grandmother's soul food....some hot sun, and need to be dancing on my caribbean Zouk....but most of all laying down on the golden beach next to the palm trees........hmmmmmmm