Saturday, July 31, 2010

Miss k sending Love from Paris Hotel Room

After theBoat Party,she went back to the Hotel  to catch her Beauty sleep, but Miss k , remembered her sweet Greemlins (Even @ 3am )and decided to send some love to you guys from the Hotel room in Paris..5 stars..Plaza Athene Hotel,on the Champs Elysée,where she was tempted truly tempted by her sweetest weakness.."Candies"....they where everywhere...did she eat them or didn't she ???    This is the Question..Answer: No,No, she was a good girl, no sweet before bed time..Her mother use to say ..

But instead she wondered in the hall way of the Hotel and took few snaps to show you how gorgeous the French hotel she staying in ,is !..Enjoy.......Glamorously yours, with love ...Miss k

Boat Party---Organised by BIG BANG ENT @ the Concorde Atlantic

Miss k got invited on a Boat party ,where she had , crazy fun,she misses her sweet Greemlins a lot, but she's got to have fun..She Met some wonderfull people yesterday and she feels "it's good sometimes to Talk to strangers..that how good friendship can evolve sometimes"..So go on,don't be shy to get to know new people, just like Miss k ...
Miss k  with friend ,Mr Charly (CEO of AFRO TECH CORPORATION)

Glamorously yours, with love ...Miss k
Miss k and the Cool Stranger she met on Board..

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Miss k loves French cuisine..

she states,"Yoohooo i love Paris, I just came back from a great restaurant.. the food was i am so glad to be it's like african food or carribbean food, it 's always so tasty , it makes you want to be back for, just like a french Kisss.; too much Veuve's so good to be here."...

Glamorously yours, with love ...Miss k

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Paris, here she comes.....

hey sweet Greemlins, are ya'all doing ?? Miss k been busy as she just got to travel, yes yes,she just Got to Paris... The city of fashion and Love , Yoohoo,Miss k got safe and sound, got a busy schedule ahead of her..between , visiting familly,booked photo shoots,business meetings..she will sure take time to go Disneyand.. it's going to be something..

Glamorously yours, with love ...Miss k

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Yoohoo Miss k has made it to the Tosh Mag issue....Watch out for our August 2010 TOSH Mag Edition 53 featuring the German superstar twins - Yvette McKoy & Yvonne Mai-Graham out on the 29th of July, 2010. Freedownload from     Yvette McKoy & Yvonne Mai-Graham are our cover stars also featuring: Palmer... Marchese, Patrick Killian, Abigail Irozuru, Tara London, Amaka Ogoegbunam , Miss K, Braker Ajibola, Oluwafemi Samson, Siasia Tim Omotoso---- Global Outreach You can't afford to miss this even though it is absolutely free! Help them reach a record 200,000 downloads..Glamorously yours, with love ...Miss k...

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Guess where Miss k is? She's been invited @ Julie Coker's big wonderful birthday bash...for those that do not know her.she was the first Nigerian Tv presenter. Miss k Reports: She is turning 70 years Old  today.but yet she doesn't look close to that...she looks so gracefull..everyone is here,dj Abass,Princess Deun, view a Mini Video follow this link.
But Miss k was also given a special gift from Chief Julie Coker.. she was given the autobiography Of the chief herself.. signed and dedicated to Miss k..What a blessing..

Glamorously yours, with love ...Miss k

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Be inspired.....

Just a lil word of inspiration Miss k just picked up from a book 4 ya'all.."remember,to laugh too much & love hard,cause each 60 second u spend upset, it's a minute of happiness u will never get bk..time pass too fast & u'll eventually loose someone dear to u,so take many pictures,& keep smilling,cause someone next to u might just need that little smile..."

Glamorously yours, with love ...Miss k

Friday, July 23, 2010


Yoohpiiii, Miss k just finished a photoshoot yesterday for a New-York Magazine (Part-1) with her favorite photographer Mr Brian Would & it's looking fab allready...........check the behind the scene pics...Miss k played the role of the Capitain and then changed to play the sexy Mermaid...

Then she had no time to  rest,making her way to a movie premiere right after the shoot,the first African Musical in pigeon English : "COS OV MONI "on the big screen,she was looking forward to the film ,the distinguished 
Guest & after party..she reports " it was a Fabulous night ,and very packed... so much people turned up, i loved it.".she promised,t o snap few pics 4 u enjoy here they are..
 Miss k with OMG magazine crew..

Glamorously yours, with love ...Miss-k

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Miss k is reaching the 5,000 limit for Facebook Friends

Miss k is coming close to reaching her 5,000 maximum FB friends LIMITon her personal page..yes yes, another 10 people to go before she reachs the Jackpot.....what a catastrophy!! hurry ,hurry......why is there a five thousand limit of friends Only??'s not fair!...but so it is ! therefore Miss k decided to keep everyone updated more & more on her FB "FAN PAGE" from now's going to be The regular HOT join in...if you haven't yet.......====>!/

Glamorously yours, with love ...Miss k

Friday, July 16, 2010

Stand up for Afrika

Become a fan of Miss k...11,424 people already have...

Artist : Miss K ♪♫♪♫♪♫.

Follow this link ====>


For Now Enjoy the Snip Preview..

50% will be going to charity, helping Afrika,Haiti,and Children's Orphanage ..

Miss k is doing her best to Help around the World no matter how Big or little she can , so help her spread the word, let's all "Stand up for AfriKa"...
The full song will be soon available on download...on Raspody,Amazone, I-Tunes..get ready...

Miss k is thanking all the people that participated to this project and made this songs come alive ,My favorite backing vocalist:Miss Ebony Q, My favourite Flutist :Suga kan'n, My favorite Drum Player:Abass .My favorite Producer Jobucket, My favorite Master Engineer, Norman sealy for A-class Media....and My favorite photographe Mr Brian Would...Without forgetting my Graphiti Artist :S-Boy and last but not least: Viktoz Creative house Designs..for the wonderfull design above..

also Miss k is thanking all her fans for their Patience and kind encouragements....

Big things are coming up soon....

Never Stop tuning in...

Glamorously yours, Miss-k

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Master yourself.....

Don't be affraid if things seem difficult in the beggining that's only the innitial Impression, the important thing is NOT TO RETREAT, you have to Master yourself, at being the best at what you can do..Love yourself, love each other and love life..The world wasn't made in 7 keep persevering..Good things will come along your Path..just believe in it and let it materialise...

Glamorously yours, with love ...Miss k

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Quizzzz Winner

If you didn't Play @ Miss k's Quizz..iT'S TOO LATE.. The winner is..Drum Roll..Judyctic Chinazo Okwubanego..yes indeed the answer to the question: Who is the CEO Founder of Miss Elegant World 2010 ? it's Theodora Ibekwe!..Miss k will be Part of the Judges For the 3rd Audition this Get ready ladies & bring your High heels..! It will be Filmed by BEN TV..

Glamorously yours, with love ...Miss k

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


hey you guys, i think it's time again for one of Miss k SUPER go go go to Miss k 's Facebook page and play..hope you ready for it..An exclusive Price will be available to be won..QUESTION: This weekend Miss k will be part of the Jury for Miss ELEGANTE WORLD 2010..please state WHO IS THE CEO of the Pageant..?? The 20th person with the RIGHT Answer  -- will win some fabulous shoes...BRAND NEW from Morgan, worth a wooping 80£ so go on, grab your chance..

Glamorously yours, with love ...Miss k

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Yellow BOX

Hey you guys,

Do you want to POST  a  direct message to Miss can just do that by writting her a sweet message in The yellow box down below on the left inside... she will read them automaticaly....Thank you all, for the support..

Glamorously yours, Miss k

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dj Suga Kan'n Garden Party...

Miss k had a grreat time @ the Yearly Garden Party of Dj Suga Kan'n...(her brother)  It was fun and HOT HOT HOT, litteraly in terms of weather..and Musicaly...So much People from the African Music Industry...Live Band , Drinks, and Food...also even though Kids where a hand full , they had the best time ever...and so did Miss k
Glamorously yours, with love ...Miss k

Friday, July 09, 2010

Miss k @ the Ghana Investment Conference.

What a weekend Miss-k was officialy invited to a special Seminar for Ghana Professionals on Friday night, where she was also honored to meet & greet the Vice President of the Black star country Himself & some Great chiefs.................................

A high-level delegation led by HE John Dramani Mahama, the Vice President of Ghana,spok at an investment event held in the heart of the City of London. The Government of Ghana was represented by its ministers of finance, energy, tourism, its central bank governor and several further high ranking cabinet and government officials.

There was so much Press and so much was unbelievable...
Unfortunately Miss k didn't get to Snap with the VP...but that day will surely soon come..for more info go to===>

Miss k snapping away with one the the Ghanaian Chiefs...

Glamorously yours, with love ...Miss k

Live Life to the Fullest....Just like Miss k

Nobody Grows Old by merely Living a number of years...We grow old by deserting our ideals...Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm, wrinkle the start living it their is no tomorroooowwwww.....It's friday go on , let your hair that bouquet of flowers for your girl on your way home...borrow your little brother's bike and take a ride down the street..or even go rollerblade with your little things you don't usually do...Just live life to the fullest...

Glamorously yours, with love ...Miss k

Nigerian Parade Pre-Carnival Party...on a double decker Bus..

Hey sweet Greemlins Miss k had so much fun today , she just got off the Double Decker Bus rented specially for the Nigerian Pre-Carnival Parade....

Organised by Dj kashif,many Nigerain Celebrity were on board, Skills JJC,Don Kanolli,Suga Alfred, Dj phizzzzle,Brian would....Yoohooooo.;Femi and Lizz from BEN TV ;and many more.. It was fun,check out the  Pics...Love you lots....


Miss k Snaping with some of her Fans....
Glamorously yours, with love ...Miss k