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Get Empowered By Reading Miss-K's Exclusive Interview For The World Industry Leaders Magazine.

EXCLUSIVE: Miss-K Rewards Hon.Rashid Pelpuo for his Prowess & Goodwill, on his Impactful Support Towards Kreative Kick Youth Summit.

Making a come back with a Big Boom, the powerful Afro-Caribbean beautyMiss-K, who is an Artist, Fashion Supermodel, Brand Ambassador, Entrepreneur, and Humanitarian, and who was also crowned 1 of 100 Most Inspirational Women in the World back in 2019 by W.A.W, has met with none other than Ghana Parliamentarians Global Action LeaderHonorable Rashid Pelpuo, who is also Ghana's former Minister of State, former Deputy Leader of Parliament of Ghana- and former Minister of Youth & Sports.

On 21st November 2021, ahead of thanksgiving, Miss-K was keen to meet with Hon. Pelpuowho had just arrived from Ghana, for a short trip to the UK, all to accept his reward given to him for the impactful support he showcased towards the international community by taking part in the"Kreative Kick Youth Summit" 2020, which was initially founded by Miss-K to support the United Nations agenda, and for which Hon.Dr.R.Pelpuo delivered a wonderful Keynote speech.

Miss-K, also known as Karina Martinez – who has long been vocal about her passion for helping to achieve U.N, Sustainable Development Goals through empowerment – joined Hon. Pelpuo and other Renowned Multiple Award-winning Creatives, as guests panelists for the 1-day virtual event, last year 12.08.2020, that was taking place for the second year running.

Where do you begin to talk about the greatness of  Miss-K

The world has been blessed with very few of her ilk. You think of courage, defiance, principled, and many other descriptions of strength and might, without forgetting her generosity and will to give back to society. Yet, it was Miss-K’s strong faith that has guided her throughout her journey to date. Not only to believe in herself but also to believe in other people's ability to succeed for themself. That is the reason why she created the Kreative Kick Youth Summit, specially formed to empower and inspire the younger generation.

This is far from the first time that Miss-K has spoken up about this cause, which is so close to her heart, ever since she founded it back in 2017 and implemented its vision in 2018, to finally launch it in 2019. 

However, this past year 2020, due to the historical pandemic, Miss-K felt it would be wise to host the Kreative Kick summit online, and with all this fabulous experience she has behind her, Miss-K hosted the aforementioned virtual event successfully. 

The summit focused on 3 specific areas, "Creativity + Global Impact + Youth Empowerment", organized to support the United Nations International Youth Day and their agenda on youth involvement towards global impact.

Miss-K was keen to meet with him and acknowledge him with a certificate of participation, all to reward him for his "prowess and his dedicated time" which he provided last year when participating in the Kreative Kick Youth Summit. 

The aim of the "certificate of appreciation" is to provide recognition to the leader that is chosen to be the keynote speaker of the day, often Leaders of the world, who believe in creativity and are willing to give their time in kind to empower and educate the youth, by accepting the role of "keynote speaker" for the event, showcasing some of their own experiences and blessing the crowd with educative content and encouraging words.

On Launching the "Kreative Kick Recognition Certificate" in 2019, Miss-K said:

“I wanted to create a reward and acclaim for a thoughtful, reflective act of kindness, that seeks to improve appreciation of support towards our leaders who believe in uplifting the global community, and formost who believe that the youth can triumph, with the right tools of education provided. Another way to creatively give back to those who often "give back to others without receive accolations for their charitable support".

The world Industry leaders wish Miss-K & her team a happy new month and vow to keep supporting her for all future events she wishes to accomplish and promise to keep promoting such educative & impactful ventures with media enforcement.

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