Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Miss-K Ends the Month Blissfully!

Read Rainbow Magazine's article about Miss-K, 
Published for the last week of June in Nigeria.

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Friday, June 25, 2021

Rainbow Magazine,(Nigeria) honour Miss-K on their June Edition Cover.

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Thursday, June 03, 2021

CELEBRATIONS !! Miss-K Honors Speaker V. Obazee & Mayor Kate Anolue, With A Special Birthday Shout Out.

Today Miss-K has decided to use this "Throwback Thursday" to not only showcase 
some great fashion from 2019, when she attended the Nollywood Film Festival, but also, 
she used the opportunity to celebrate two lovely ladies and mentors 
she looks up to and calls her 2 favorite Anty.
Speaker Victoria Obaze and Mayor Kate Anolue.

"It's My Darling Anty -Cllr. Speaker Victoria Obaze's Birthday today.
..Hip Hip Hooray.. Wishing you long life..Happy Birthday!"

Allow me to pay a SPECIAL tribute to this lovely human being..Who has the"7G" Factor..

You are very "Godly, Grounded, Generous, Go-Getters, Gorgeous, and most importantly have the *Gumption* to go after their *DREAMS* "... without the shadow of a doubt...You are Winners...You have created such an impact in my life...and across communities on a global scale, with your driven personality and engaging mindset..In a positive way that I want to honor you on this special day...Which is your special day!

You have supported my humanitarian ventures ever since we met at the Nollywood Film festival..back in 2019 and also taught me how to cook the best Nigerian Ankara and MoiMoi in the world.
Truly I am ever so grateful for you. You are so warm and loving..even if you had to show me some tough love at times...I know It's for the betterment of me..Yes oooo...Still, I owe it to you to celebrate you ALWAYS.

I want to also appreciate My Darling Anty - Cllr. Mayor Kate Anolue"
Happy BELATED BIRTHDAY to you..Hip Hip Hooray
WOW..i have known you for so many years now..Ever since we first met at the * Ministers of Women Affaire, Dr. Viola Onwuliri 's private dinner in Nigeria, back in 2013* ..You have always been so welcoming and kind to me, always complimenting me on my Fashion and noticed my Passion to perfect my projects..You equally have supported me in my many humanitarian ventures, each and every time..You never skipped a beat..
You are so warm and loving..even if you had to show me some tough love at times...I know It's for the betterment of me..
Yes oooo...Still, i owe it to you to celebrate you ALWAYS.

The community loves you both and joins me to wish you both a long life.
Keep up the good work with your political assignments and Charitable foundations. Keep enlightening each and every soul that crosses your path. 

Signed: Miss-K 

Published by Miss-K's Team!