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Friday, December 24, 2010


Miss-k was out and about yesterday..she had the opportunities to go around the city and visit some offices to wish a few staff members merry xmas, she came across a fan and up-coming designer Deedee,who cried tears of joy being overwelmed meeting Miss-k...
So Miss-k couldn't resist the opportunity to take a memory snap with her...
then Miss-k came across one of the most original Christmas tree she ever seen...
Yes..empty carton drinks and cans were attached to that tree...she felt it was real creative indeed....and couldn't resist a souvenir picture.

She then passed by the Radio studios of Cool FM..


to end-up being a guest,
@ an Event sponsored by Hennessy....where she walked the red carpet , and got interviewed by sound city TV ...

Where she finally partied the night away with her dear friend Nigerian Actress Portian Yhaman .

 She reports:

"Meeting this up-coming designer Deedee,meant a lot to me...i am so happy to see young Nigerians eager,keen or ardent in desire to full-feeling their dreams and to succeed in their path..her being inspired by me,meant everything...and makes it even more worth it to keep doing what i do...i am so happy to be in Nigeria...but the hilight of the night was to meet up with some dear friends that i didn't get to see in years...God bless Africa.."

Glamorously yours, with love ...Miss k