Saturday, August 07, 2010

Miss k @ Disneyland Paris.

Sweet greemlins, guess where Miss k , just got back from ??? DISNEYLAND Paris...

She reports: "yoooooohoooo, i had the best of times ever, in a long timeeeee...i swear, it was such a blast, such a fun atmosphere..I havent gone back there in a couple of years... but this times,it will be unforgettable..

We had such a wonderfull VIP treatment,which allowed us to jump the Queue,No waiting time, just straight to the best Attractions ever,my cute lil CARIBBEAN & LATINO cousins were there,best of both world,familly & friends..It might just be the last time i went there in peace, cause a few people recognised me ,and some were wondering , if i wasn't a singer or celibrity of such, cause i must admit,my voluminous hair, caused few people to stare,so you never know,the next time Papparazzi Might just be all over me..laugh"

                                                                                                    Taking a boat ride
Check out the queue bellowMiss k..

(she was in the express Line..VIP Only)!!

    Miss k posing before Fantasyworld...

Miss k couldn't forget passing by the African
Monument House inside Fantasyland

Glamoursly yours, With love Miss k