Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Miss k Lunching with Dame Julie Coker..

Miss k did two good things in one today, she got a New hair cut...yes yes yes, she had to have a short hair style it up a Little....and then she went to Lunch, lunch,lunch....Miss k was cordially invited to Lunch with Dame Julie Coker today.(For those who do not know who Mrs Coker is, she is the 1st Nigerian TV presenter to ever appear on Nigerian TV).

 Miss k reports: " It is such an Honor to get such invitation by a warm & wonderful person such has Dame Julie Coker..being invited at her birthday just a couple of weeks ago was already super great, but spending Quality time with such a lady is an entire other thing all i couldn't help myself and offered her some flowers, i choose sunflowers, cause they remind me of sunshine,and i felt it was the perfect person to offer those to, knowing that when she smiles, she just radiate like the Sun.. she has so much wisdom, and kindness.. it is truly a lunch to remember.i was in the presence of a some she is Dame Julie Coker,but to me she is now, Anty Julie...Love her to bits.."

Glamorously yours, with love ...Miss k