Tuesday, September 07, 2010


To all the sweetest Gremlins (FANS) in the world...Miss k wants to "Thank you" so much for showering her with love, having an extra country which registered onto her site...yes now 68 countries counting,are watching Miss-k's every step..

Let's all welcome Kyrgyzstan ...

After this hearing this happy news, Miss-k decided that she will be Celebrating in Style the day 100 countries reach to view her site...yes, remember this statement..
She reports : "The day my site is viewed by 100 countries i will ask all my little Gremlins to change there Facebook profile pic to mine for that day to be celebrated and remembered..so i hope you will all be on-board, i can feel this day is coming soon...might just be sooner then i think, seeing how God is blessing me so far "...so if you love Miss-k help her reach her Goal, and also don't forget to join her on Her fan facebook fan page..

Glamorously yours, with love ...Miss k