Saturday, September 25, 2010


Hey you  guys...What another fulfilled day for Miss-k , she was invited to a TV interview today for the BEFFTA AWARDS by Founder Pauline Long..along the Night Life Producer
 Nicky Speak about her short cameo she played in sitcom titled NIGHT LIFE.

 She reports: "Oh my God it was so so good to be in the such a positive atmosphere... the energy in the room was just wonderful.. the Founder Pauline Long was such a true Kenyan Beauty and yet such a fascinating individual..and to have her interviewed me, was just an Honor..

Can't wait for the Interview to air on Sky TV.. and for the show to be Happening..

We talked about the nomination for Night life and i even gave a little performance of my own and sang a little snip preview of (Stand up for Afrika)..just can't wait"
Miss-K with Founder Pauline Long & assistant