Monday, September 13, 2010


hey you guys, we know you have been waiting to hear some news from the Diva herself... yes yes , she has been quiet for few days ,she's been working on few project..
she reports : "Good evening to all my sweet Gremlins,first &  foremost i want to apologise to all of you for not giving much news last week, but has you all know i have been working VERY  hard, and they do say their is a reason to everything, therefore,do not doubt that this week will be full of news & your patience has surely paid keep tuning in this week and see your eyes shine...."

Has you are very much aware Miss-k made it to the cover page with the Nigerian President on the 1st of September, for the EBONY INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE, but now she also Made it to the cover page of this well known African Newspaper: "AFRIQU'ESSOR" (from Ivory Coast)

It is well known in IVORY COAST,not only it will be distributed there,but it is also being distributed in Belgium and France and London... so go go go grab a copy... what are you waiting's free...Run..
It's out today..

Glamorously yours, with love ...Miss k