Tuesday, September 28, 2010


hey you guys,we all know Miss-k got a sweet tooth, so she couldn't help herself when she came across the Sweetest World Shop....she reports: 

"I Promised i am not guilty!!! ..(laugh)..What can i say the temptation was too strong, it was a place too special for it to be missed...

so i just had a laugh with Friends, and thought i would share the fun i had, Matter of fact, i got some sweet stuffs for my little GREMLINS to win.. so if you like sweets, you are going to be Happy..just play the quiz, on  my FB page and may the sweetest Gremlin wins.."

Miss-k bought a Giant Rainbow lollipop for one of her Gremlin to Winn..

The Questions is ..:
What flavours is that lollipop made of ??..

( and if you get it right you Winn it + you will also receive Miss-k's picture Autographed...so go go go go play on her FB page... click on the FB logo on the left inside of the screen...the answer will be tomorrow @ 9 PM and the winner name will be revealed then.....(ONE ANSWER PER PERSON) 
Glamorously yours, with love ...Miss k