Saturday, November 13, 2010


Miss-k was at the film premiere last night of the 'Dolla bills' movie,
looking hotter then fire,she was wearing a funky fresh outfit from Designer (toyosi Mobi) and flower head from (Diwis  Creations)..."



She reports: "well had the opportunity to walk the red Carpet, just before Mr Jimmy iyke did and it was chaos in the many people turned up,it was so exciting,Jimmy looked well blinged blinged out,like all the other celebrities ,artist and actors..I was as honored to also bumped into my friend singer (Ashley Stephany)..who was just a joy to be around..but overall the movie was so so so funny... people should rush to buy it for sure..Jim Iyke & Mercy Johnson just added the right spice to this movie..thumbs up.."

Here are the pics you folks..enjoy!

Miss-k poses with one of her little Gremlins...a fan...=====>

Glamorously yours, with love ...Miss k