Monday, August 01, 2011


Hey lil' Gremlins...Do you love the good things in life ??

Well so does Miss-k..She was at the Food and Drink Festival was a fun day out and she surely enjoyed it..tasting a little bit of everything ,with various food from around the world to the delicious drinks....

She got  her hands on some delicious  Caramelized Brazilian pork and sure enjoyed it by adding some delicious chili sauce from CHAN CHAM ltd ( who were nice enough to offer her a couple of bottles from a favourite flavour:"scotch bonnet and black pepper"...

then she carried on to taste  some traditional  Tunisian pastries from lucious rendez-vous, which were to die for and who have just open a new restaurant ..check them out :

But yet she couldn't go home without resisting the ice cream stall and couldn't help herself to be play licking the  biggest ice-cream in display...
yet her last stop was the bar when she relax and enjoyed some delicious Pommery champagne.

She reports: "Loved loved it loved it... that's the good life.. Fine wine, fine champagne and fine Rhum ..without forgetting delicious food...looking forward to the next year festival ..see you then "..

Glamorously yours,with love...Miss k