Tuesday, August 09, 2011


Miss-k is back at working out.. This time she got herself a Personal trainer from Equilibrium Fitness and loved it....

However despite the riots happening all over London,she still made some time for business, and was invited out for dinner @ Pizza express for this business meeting.

She reports:

"Working out again is great,Yes sure, Big is beautiful but being healthy is equally has important, and it reminded me how cool & fun it can be, and having a personal trainer allows me to focus even more, yet i adored the massage i got right after my work out session ,"Crystal massage" to be precise...However i won't lie, i just couldn't help to be a bad bad girl during my business meeting and have a bite at some fresh Italian Pizza. Hoops,OMG,if only my personal trainer new that he would ask me for 50 set-ups..Oh well, more work out tomorrow"
Glamorously yours,with love...Miss k