Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Yesterday ,Miss-k attended the Opening of the Fashion Week Shows..@ The Korean Culture Center, on The Strand and then did a stop over at one of the fast food round the corner to get a warm tea where she unexpectedly came across many fans, before she rushed to another event for the launching SHEER MAGAZINE....more pics coming soon..

She report:
"Hey my Sexylicious Gremlins...sorry for not keeping in touch...It's Been a CRAZY WEEKEND...after that Audition of mine on Sat, i had to rush to Present an Award @ the "Miss Centre Africa" Pageant Show,to then realised i had forgotten my Phone in my friend's car,so couldn't update you on the go..then on Sunday Got stung by a Bee on a non-conventional part of my body..and cried like a baby..but surely kept a smile on Monday when attending the best show of Fashion Week .
Gifted Campain PR and Miss-k

Miss-k and fashionista Jan
I had a blast, Loved the fashion shows and surely loved the designs of Ara Jo and Hayley Crampton..congrats to them on this exquisite show...Ended up Meeting some funky people and leaving with Fab Goody bags.I also enjoyed the fun 5 minutes break i took down the Mc Donald's,warm shout out to the workers and Spanish Tourists, that showed me love...but the hi-light of the night was the launch of SHEER MAG..loved it to bits...and met some great people...thumbs up"

Glamorously yours,with love...Miss k