Sunday, November 06, 2011


Yesterday, Miss-k made it to day 2 of the expo to insure the Grand finale FASHION SHOW takes place...
Miss-k with models and Designers "BOJ DESIGNS" .

Also she had to deal with,between managing the models, sorting out their attires and coordinating the final Catwalk , she just loved the fun vibe the models brought to the show..As Miss-k would say "It was Divine Couture mixed with chaotic pleasure."

Right after the Fashion show, Miss-k went to get changed ,in order to attend the evening Award dinner,which brought closure to the expo weekend...Also lets not forget to say how lucky she got,when she entered the wrong room and came across the players of the whole Polynesian Rugby Team...but eventually find her way to the dinner room and got to catch up with lovely friends,including Actress Ellen Thomas and Ambassador Akinbobye.
Miss-k Holding some  NIGERIAN PALM WINE 

She reports:
"What a weekend,loved it ..i was exhausted from the Paris trip but it was sure worth coming back..loved the models and the warm atmosphere, the designers where great, the designs one of a kind,and the award ceremony , was fantastic...but the hi-light of my night was when i came across them gorgeous Rugby Players...hmmmm hai ya hai..Que calor...Needless to say that my outfit turned few heads.."
Miss-k with Actress E.Thomas and Ambassador Akinboboye
Stay Tuned In..More pics coming soon!!

Glamorously yours,with love...Miss k