Friday, May 25, 2012


 Thank you guys for the support ....Miss-k is really happy,keep sending  to the SU4A Team,more and more pictures.or alternatively post them on our facebook Page..

"Stand Up 4 Afrika is a grass roots movement for concerned individuals from around the world to show their support in the uplifting of Afrika. It's a way for lovers of the Motherland to express that they support greater medical assistance, screening and treatment for STD's including HIV & Aids, nutritious food, clean drinking water, safety for women and children and anything to improve the quality of life for citizens in need throughout the continent. If ,like us,you believe in a better tomorrow for Afrika please join Miss-K in her mission and participate by snapping a picture of yourself standing up for Afrika."

CLICK ON THE PICTURE BELOW..and post your pictures on her Facebook of Twitter page or send us an Email: and your pictures will be posted on this website.
Glamorously yours,with love...Miss k