Thursday, July 26, 2012


Nolywood Actress T.Ibekwe,Miss-k, and Princess 

Miss-k was out last night @ the 
Nigeria House,Stratford Theater for a spectacular show..which included iconic Artist such as Tony Allen, Dele Sosimi, Seun Kuti, Asa ,and Kuku to just name a few.

The place was packed and since Miss-k got back from her recent trip from Nigeria, it was the first time she was out and got  to truly catching up with the entertainment industry to it's best.
Legendary Tony Allen

She was pulled from left to right for TV Interviews or Snap pictures  with fans and friends, which she did happily.

So here are a few pics for your eyes only and few more will be brought to you soon..

She reports:" Loved the show...loved the vibes and so happy to get to catch up with to catch up with Tony Allen, Dole Sosimi..and so many more... What a Night..for those that weren't there, well you sure missed out..!! "
Dele Sosimi and Miss-k catching up by the Backstage.
Seun Kuti

Glamorously yours,with love...
Miss k