Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Yesterday, Miss-k went to the Nothing Hill Gate Carnival .

Yes,She had to follow up with the Nigerian Team  and show some support.

We do not  see Miss-k entering the London Underground everyday, but for this occasion she had to up on it, just to get to the heart of the 2012 Carnival...

She had so Much fun...and also got to wear the Gorgeous Purple Cap from the famous "Dj Jimmy Jatt" latest Head Cap Collection to show support.

She had fun dressing up and borrowing purple feather costumes from the Trinidadian Crew .

And carried on dancing all day long following the Parade.

Before she finally reached Galbon Road where the"Naija Corner" was situated, with live entertainment by the Number 1 Nigerian Coolest Dj : "Dj Jimmy Jatt".

And to close up the night,
Miss-k still had enough energy to party, and sure didn't need no RED BULL to keep up with the energetic vibe,she already had so much of it ,that she grew some wonderful white Angel Wings... Which she used to fly away home...
Check it out:

She report:
I loved my day, so full of energy ,but after walking a good 5 hours straight, and non stop partying, all i want is relax in a warm Jacuzzi tub and relax..."

Glamorously yours,with love...Miss k