Saturday, February 15, 2014


Miss-k,was given a valentine treat today by one of her fans, who surprised her with this extraordinarily detailed life-like portrait drawing of herself, inspired by Miss-K's 
Iconic picture which last year made history on the front cover of Nigerian National Newspaper "THE NATION",taken by her favorite photographer to date, Brian Would.

She  Twitts : "Today my love goes  to @Salomon-the-Artist, for this enormous surprise.. 
I love it.. Happy Valentine Ya'All ".
The photo, which unveils the Afro- Caribbean bombshell, wearing an African Ankara Head Wrap, bra-less with nothing else but endlessly amount of Necklaces around her neck, who’s beauty resonates very much so with Legendary Brazilian Singer Carmen Miranda’s famous portrait.

Combining admiration and aspiration, is what Miss-K’s talented fan,who is a Nigerian Drawing Artist known as “Solomon-The-Artist”,was inspired by, using a graphite pencil technique,treating Miss-k’s image in a very delicate way, making sure this drawing remains iconic…saying:” It was my Valentine Gift to Miss-K, whom i adore so much. I used my own realism technique to draw her portrait that is hopefully as entertaining as Miss-k herself,which i created purely by hand on a simple piece of paper, which took me a whole night and day, but it was all worth it.Anything to make her happy”.

Glamorously yours,with love...Miss k