Thursday, May 08, 2014


Miss-k has joined the global fight, advocating for the release of the Chibok Girls.
In an Open declaration, Miss-K posted a photo of herself with school kids taken during her recent trip to Nigeria,speaking passionately on why the girls must be release immediately,

Stating :"Each time i go to Nigeria , Kids are always a big part of my trips.
They are bright, so incredibly loving,so inspiring,so full of life,and always so eager to learn that i can not bare to watch this go on without STANDING-UP and saying NO to ABDUCTION.
Enough is Enough. Girls stay strong. we keep you in our prayers xx With Love Miss-K"

She further commended the First Lady of America Michele Obama, for supporting the return of the girls, stating: "I am proud of Michele Obama for backing the girls, all women must rise to spare a moment and pray for girls to come back alive; If Michele can STAND-UP  for the girls, so every women should do the same too ! "

Glamorously yours,with love...Miss k