Thursday, July 30, 2015


Over the past weekend, Miss-K attended the Royal Wedding of the Eze Ndi Igbo of Lagos State's daughter, His Royal Highness Prince Braimoh-Igbo (Nigeria).
His Royal Highness Prince Braimoh- Igbo, Miss-K, Dr Fawehinmi
Officially invited by the Prince Himself, Miss-K was amongst other VIP guests who attended the wedding, such as Dr Sola Fawehinmi (Brother of the Late Gani Fawehinmi & CEO of  Miss Commonwealth), Alhaji Pero (APC Chairman),Yemi Longle (former Ministry Trade & Economy)  and more.
See photos below.
Miss-k also took the time to snap a few selfies, being ecstatically happy for being seated by the sweet factory trolley.

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