Monday, October 02, 2017


Blonde, Curvaceous, wild, mysterious, provocative and glamorous; 
Those are just a few of the adjectives that qualify the enigma that is Miss-K.

Yesterday Miss-K posted a photo of herself on social media,
remembering  Nigeria's Independence Day, using a picture of herself, 
which she used during the Nigeria's post elections in 2015.

The Afro-Caribbean singer, songwriter & brand ambassador has spoken with 
freelance CNN reporter Cerutti Mike Osagie, yesterday, 
for the world Media Giant, World Industries's Leaders, she uttered: 

“As a musician, Nigeria is the kind of place in which the creative juices must flow as sweetly as the local palm vine - the elixir that is the lifeblood of this fascinating West African nation Music takes pride of place in Nigeria and nothing quite typifies the country's sheer verve than the sound of Afro beats. 

This is where you experience African life at its rawest, 
a place that makes the ice in your rum & coke shake to the beat”.
It has been more than two years since this exotic beauty touched ground with the motherland, reason why she just felt the need to celebrate the Nigerian Independence making the most of 
Nigeria's favorite Flag ruby green color.

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