Sunday, August 12, 2018


Just two weeks ago Miss-K announced that she will be taking a seat as one of the Judges, for the Miss Ghana Tourism / UK Show, 
which took place last night at a sumptuous 5 star Hotel.

Indeed, Miss-K eased into this role very comfortably, 
as she had previously appeared as a judge in few other pageant shows. 

As when it comes to fashion,Miss-K made sure not to disappoint
wearing an elegant and colorful Ankara neck piece, made in Ghana which was gifted to her by re-known Ghanaian Royalty, Princess Duncan, matching perfectly with a puffy Pink tutu, adding a pop of color by wearing a bright neon yellow pair of stiletto, all to honor the Ghanaian theme of the event.

Miss-K joined the leading panel of Judges filled with some of  Africa's giants, 
which included the Director of Jobyco Hotels Mr F.Obiri and Artist Miss B.Wensah CEO of Fabric of African Frames, just to name a few. 

The triple threat entertainer explainwhy 
she said "yes" to becoming a judge for the event: 

"I was honored to be asked to join the panel of such accomplished leading giants from this industry like myself, but moreover, i was ever so grateful to be joining a pageant that has been fully endorsed by the ministry of tourism culture arts and Ghana Tourism Authority, which supports the government tourism program. Interesting enough, as much as i have traveled to the motherland till date, i have never been to Ghana myself, and i wanted to see how the contestant would sell me their country the best to convince me enough to travel there and visit."

Published by Miss-K's Team !