Friday, February 22, 2019


"Today I want to take the time to salute #NIGERIA and NIGERIANS for all of the hard work they have put into pushing the election forward....Like Many I can't wait to find out the election results..Yet despite who wins,what I certainly can't wait to see #NIGERIA move in a better and brighter Direction as one, #PEACEFULLY
so the VIOLENCE and killings can END..

Yet Despite it All..I call NIGERIA HOME because ever since I've discovered that country it has grown & grown & grown for the better and that makes me proud of what NIGERIANS have achieved for themselves despite the difficulties and multiple hasn't STOPPED the NATION from#EVOLVING and for Nigerians to keep moving mountains.. .
I have never seen such driven individuals..
GO GETTERS..and i am grateful to have WITNESSED such STRENGTH within a NATION as it has helped SHAPE the WOMAN that I AM today, more than i could EVER have IMAGINED..and this is why I claim Nigeria as my HOME..and can't wait to step foot back onto its soil"--NIGERIA..I SALUTE YOU -Miss-K

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