Wednesday, August 21, 2019


This powerful innovative initiative, 
was originally named and conceptualized as “Kreative Kick” by barrier breaker and Multiple Award Winner Miss-K, who was recently awarded an Honorary award as 1 of 100 most influential women in the world on international Women’s day.

In Succession to this, the Kreative Kick Youth Summit was created, all to empower and inspire the youth from all multicultural background, including those from the African continent and it’s diaspora, with aims to celebrate diversity and inclusivity by being a youth led creative platform, through talks and debates, music and performance, comedy and fashion, showcasing creativity in all its form, as well as promoting the rich cultural contribution the Afro-Caribbean creative professional makes throughout their creative heritage, by highlighting and supporting experts within this field.
On the 10th of August the “Kreative Kick Youth Summit”, was launched in one of London’s newly build Art space Theatre, which featured an eloquent keynote address by Deputy Mayor of Lambeth, Philip Normal, who also assisted Miss-K in giving the Kreative Kick Award Certificates bestowed into eager hands of the panellists who took part in the summit, honouring and recognizing them for their achievements and dedication to the creative industry, a task the Deputy Mayor was comfortable undertaking with a smile, being a creative talent himself, having a fashion background and the proud ownership of his own retail store.
Miss-K, who is the Kreative Kick founder and executive producer, said:
 “I have created this new creative platform for it to become a leading organisation for cultural relations, which will fosters understanding between Britain and other nations. All to promote skilful talents amongst the youth, across borders, making it a platform who has the potential for wealth and job creation through the generation and exploitation of intellectual property in order to help create economic growth. “We want to celebrate the youth, and chose to do it, by also helping raise awareness on one of the S.D.G agenda created by the United Nations which is based on “Transforming Education“.
As part of building international creative connections, we aim to expand the knowledge and profile of young creative talents, who are eager to pursue a career within the creative field of entertainment and art in the UK. We are therefore delighted to be partnering on this innovative initiative, by giving people the chance to experience a wide range of creative background, as well as cultural heritage "
In addition to this, the Mayor of Enfield, Nigerian Cllr Kate Anolue also said: “I am so proud of Miss-K’s new venture, as I am a big fan of promoting education amongst our youth and I’m delighted to support “Kreative Kick“, which is a fantastic development that celebrates the huge impact young Londoners of African heritage have made within the creative industry and continue to make on all aspects of life in our capital.”

Overall the #KreativeKickYouthSummit was an event no one will forget in a hurry. 
Cheerful, fun and most importantly a day the youth felt celebrated, 
with memories they won’t forget in a hurry.

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