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Monday, October 04, 2010

Miss-k Celebrating Black History Month 2010 with BEN TV ..

Hey sweet Gremlins... Miss-k was out this weekend....

Miss-k was just everywhere this weekend... Yes,she was Honored to be invited for a play by the HMS Award crew and was joined by Muntu Valdo - "the Prince of Sawa Blues" to see the beautiful Sandi Russell, perform  the life of the Famous ELLA FITZGERALD , by also singing various Hits of hers..

<<===This play was Directed by Sola Oyeleye..(in yellow head wrap posing with Miss-k)

<===Miss-k & Sandi Russell ...who written and performed : THE FIRST LADY OF JAZZ: ELLA FITZGERALD

then Miss-k got Invited @ AFRI-KOKOA..and came across the beautiful AFRI-KOKOA PROMOTER...but she just didn't stay long enough to watch the Ghanaian Artist Mensah PERFORM is heart away...

as she had to run to the BEN TV Celebration of the 50th anniversary of Nigeria Independence Day...where she ended up backstage, from which she got a glimpse of the Whole show...

Miss-k with Femi ( BEN TV presenter) ===========>>>
Miss-k  & Singer: Timi Korus
                                                                  Miss k & Singer: Essence

 She was Overwhelmed by the amount of Nigerian Artist that came to show support To BEN TV and Kennis Music..From Essence To Goldie, to 166 family,Dollar bill, Timi Korus and  Mr Drew Himself..everyone was she couldn't help to strike a pose....and snapped away...

However she didn't Stop no, she end up going to the Governor Club to wrap up the evening.. what a weekend indeed...Celebrating in style...

Miss k and Kenny (CEO of Kennis music)

Glamorously yours, with love ...Miss k