Monday, August 30, 2010


Well , what a good know that on Carnival day,Miss k is able to now count ,67 Countries,who are following her every step....From 64 countries, just 2 weeks ago,she is now being Watch over 67 countries Worldwilde to this date,we can now add  "Iceland"  on the Flag list...want a proove??

Check out the Flag Box on the left inside of your screen...Yesssss she is becoming a phenomenon,and it's such a good thing to know her little sweet Greemlins (fans) are mutipliying in she would like to take the oppportunity to thank everyone that take their times out of their busy schedules to check her out.. she send her love..and tell a friend to tell a friend...If you love Miss k help her reach more countries, and spread the love and hard work she dedicates to this world..

ALSO DON'T FORGET, Miss-k will be catwalking funky Jewellery on stage tonight @ Madame JOJO club,brewer street, soho...Picadilly circus, London, between 8pm and 10pm..hope you ready for that....

Glamorously yours, with love ...Miss k