Monday, November 01, 2010


Miss-k was at the GAB Awards last night.....(Gathering of Africans Best Awards)..

Mayor Anna Mbachu & Miss-k

Once Again looking gorgeous,wearing a beautiful Gown of her up coming collection of luxurious gowns.

(Miss-k collection- limited edition- by Fee Uhssi)

She was invited amongst so many other VIP's... like the Mayor of  Waltham Forest Borough  and the famous Jamaican World Champion boxer :TIGER..

She reports: "It was what i call a 5 stars was well organised, and so well displayed...the food was excellent, the guest were top class and the entertainment one of a kind... i surely enjoyed the dessert too..(laughs)..but my highlight of the night, was when they brought the attention on celebrating all the African countries that celebrated also just like Nigeria , their 50th anniversary of Independence.I just loved it all."

Glamorously yours, with love ...Miss k