Monday, May 28, 2018


Miss-k took a minute today to reach out on her social media and talk about 
those hot PINK NEON HAIR 
she worn at the recent movie premiere, 
explaining that it had to be a very strategic move, 
 as she had to have her hair color changed 3 times 
to match the exact shade of  PINK she had initially envisioned for this look.

She explains further, (Scroll down)

"At first my hairdresser didn't quiet get it..some of my close friends didn't quiet get the whole PINK hair look, some couldn't even gasp the idea that such neon pink hair would work, 
some were against it, and some were for it, 
however, they just didn't have the entire vision behind it all...

They didn't get to see how it would look so hot with the boots, and the dress and accessories as a whole finally, but deep within me, i could already foresee it..and having been in the Fashion industry for so long,with the mental vision i had of this look, i knew i would Rock it.

You see, It was my vision and my vision only. 
Beside my bestie off course, i had deliberately refrained myself from telling anyone that knew about my big PINK hair look ,my entire idea behind it. Why ? 
Because as a creative soul, i was protecting my vision. 

So i wasn't baffled by the naysayers, and still managed to put the look all together at once, as i was convinced it would work !

Yet when i stepped out that night.. I chose to step out in faith, with a positive mindset, and beside, deep within myself, i knew i had SUCCEEDED , i didn't need the light and cameras to tell me that, i just felt fulfilled within myself and that is what mattered to me and what truly made me shine.

Now, Needless i tell you that when i arrived at the premiere, all eyes were on me...
I didn't know how well it was going to be perceived, yet i was extremely happy that 
it was received so warmly.. 

So be fearless with your visions, surpass the fears that would block you from achieving success, despite people's opinions, if you know you are a creative genius, own it and roll with it !!

Sure it might not be everyone's cup of tea, and its OK, cause its YOUR cup of Tea, 
and that should be made Unique to You and You ONLY !!

Stay BRAVE , Stay HUNGRY and PROTECT your Visions." Miss-K

Published by Miss-K's Team !